Num Céu Longínquo


Main Details
Date 1997-06
Location of Publication Lisbon, Portugal
Genre War
Format Softcover
Type Graphic Novel
Page Count 80
Language Portuguese
  • ISBN — 972-45-1256-8
  • EAN — 9 789724 512563
Notes Original Title: Dans un Ciel Lointain
Coordination and color: Patrizia Zanotti
© 1996 by Casterman, Tournai
Translation: © Meribérica/Líber, Editores, Lda.
Printed in Belgium by Casterman, SA.
Depósito Legal nº: 110.710/97
1st edition: June 1997
All rights reserved for Portugal, Portuguese communities and African countries of Portuguese official language by Meribérica / Líber, Editores, Lda.


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