Main Details
Date 2018-07
Location of Publication Seattle, WA
Genre Fiction
Format Trade Paperback
Type Original Graphic Novel
Page Count 180
Language English
  • ISBN — 978-1-68396-130-7
  • Library of Congress Catalog Card Number — 2018936463
  • UPC — 978168361307 51499
Notes Cover price: $14.99

After taking part in a historic heist — 52 simultaneous robberies at the same time, in the same city — May and Eugene are now on the run not only from the law and double-crossed former accomplices, but also their violent past. In a surprizing twist, these criminals are the unlikely pairing of a young mother and her preteen son. Thus begins the intense, yet touching, Bastard, Max de Radiguès’s Fantagraphics debut.

Bastard traces the deadly escape of May and Eugene as they crisscross the United States, encountering mysterious truckers, ambitious bandits, and senior citizens living off the grid in the Southwest. The duo race to get to their stolen cash while simply trying to stay alive. In the midst of the action, masterful flashbacks clue us into how they got into this deadly situation in the first place. Both bloody and tender, de Radiguès focuses on the familial relationship as much as the exhilarating plot elements, and his clear-lined style adds depth to the brutality as well as the moments of maternal love. Full of plot twists and high tension, Bastard is a hard-boiled page-turner featuring an unforgettable, adolescent anti-hero.


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