Fever In The Freak House


Main Details
Volume 1
Issue 8
Date 1974-10
Location of Publication New York, N.Y.
Genre Horror
Format Softcover
Type Comic Book
Page Count 66
Language English
  • Frankenstein
  • Man-Thing
  • Bruno
  • Chak
  • Gullivar Jones
  • Heru
Story Location Everglades / Florida / Mars
Notes Table of Contents:

"Monsters From The Sea" - Story by Tony Isabella / Art by Ernie Chua

"Monsters Confidential" - Editorial by Tony Isabella / Illustrated by Marie Severin

"Fever In The Freak House" (Frankenstein 1974) - Story by Doug Moench / Art by Val Mayerik / Letters by Dave Hunt

"Reader's Unleashed!" - Reader's Column

"Several Meaningless Deaths" - Fiction by Steve Gerber / Pencils by Pat Broderick / Inks by Al Milgrom

"Swamp Stars Of The Silver Screen" - Article by Don Glut

"One Hungers" - Story by Neal Adams / Pencils by Neal Adams / Inks by Dan Adkins / Letters by Sam Rosen & Morrie Kuramoto

"A Martian Genesis!" - Script by Doug Moench / Plot by Tony Isabella / Pencils by George Perez / Breakdowns by Rich Buckler / Inks by Duffy Vohland


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