The Statues Of Stanley Killen....


Main Details
Volume 1
Issue 3
Date 1947-07
Location of Publication US
Genre Crime
Format Softcover
Type Comic Book
Page Count 36
Language English
  • Van Manhattan
  • Stanley Killen
  • Hiram Mustard
  • Slick Joe Trent
  • Igor Rostov
  • Boris
  • Countess Sophia
  • Czar
  • Juan Meatbal
  • Bob Steele
  • Betty Steele
  • Ronny
  • Hammer
  • Madelon
  • Pierre Mordrain
  • Benjamin Franklin
Notes July-August 1947.

Table of Contents:

"The Statues of Stanley Killen...." (Manhattan's Files) - Pencils & Inks by Ernie Bache

"Countess Sophia's Painting!" (Igor the Archer) - Pencils & Inks by Sheldon Moldoff

"[No Title Indexed]" (Juan Meatbal)

"The Goodwill Potion [Part 2]" - Text story

"[No Title Indexed]" (That's Madelon) - Pencils & Inks by Sheldon Moldoff

"The Early Life of Benjamin Franklin" - Script by M. C. Gaines & W. W. D. Sones / Pencils & Inks by Allen Simon (Reprint from Flash Comics #64, April 1945)


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