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Arkham City

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Main Details
Series Batman: Arkham City
Volume 3
Credits Derek Fridolfs (Author)
Juan José Ryp* (Artist)
Jorge Jimenez (Artist)
Mike S. Miller (Artist)
Darick Robertson (Artist)
Jason Shawn Alexander (Artist)
Andrew Elder (Colorist)
Gabe Eltaeb (Colorist)
Lee Loughridge (Colorist)
Dave Wilkins (Cover Artist)
Jason Shawn Alexander (Cover Artist)
Jörg Fassbender (Translator)
Walproject (Letterer)
Date 2013
Publisher Panini Comics
Location of Publication Germany
Genre Superhero
Format Trade Paperback
Type Graphic Novel
Language German
Identifiers ISBN - 978-3-86201-688-4
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