Four Color Fear: Forgotten Horror Comics of the 1950s


Main Details
Date 2010
Location of Publication Seattle, WA
Genre Horror
Format Trade Paperback
Type Graphic Novel
Page Count 320
Language English
  • ISBN — 9781606993439
Introduction. by John Benson

The Best in Supernatural Thrills and Chills (Ad)

The Strange Case of Henpecked Harry
Art: Fred Kida

Pit of the Damned!
Art: Bob Powell

Corpses... Coast to Coast!
Art: Iger Studio

A Pact with the Devil
Art: Jack Cole

The Corpse That Came to Dinner
Pencils: Reed Crandall
Inks: Mike Peppe

The Maze Master
Art: Lou Cameron

Swamp Monster
Art: Basil Wolverton

Pencils: Manny Stallman
Inks: John Giunta

Death Sentence
Art: Sid Check

Death Deals a Hand
Art: Iger Studio

Custodian of the Dead
Art: Jack Cole

Servants of the Tomb!
Pencils: Bob Powell
Inks: Howard Nostrand

Art: Harry Lazarus

Me, Ghost
Art: Jack Katz

Dust Unto Dust
Art: Howard Nostrand

Drum of DoomArt: Iger Studio
Pencils: Al Williamson
Inks: King Ward

The Body Maker
Art: Warren Kremer

Green Horror
Art: Iger Studio

Cover Section (See Below)

Puppet Peril
Pencils: Ernie Bache
Inks: Harry Harrison

Mother Mongoose's Nursery Crimes
Art: Howard Nostrand

Chef's Delight
Pencils: Dick Beck
Inks: Bill Savage

Art: Bob Powell

The Thing from the Sea!
Art: Wallace Wood

The Flapping Head
Peencils: Al Williamson

Art: Warren Kremer

Vision of the Gods
Art: Everett Raymond Kinstler

The Man Who Outdistanced Death!
Art: George Evans

I, Vampire
Art: Howard Nostrand

Experiment in Terror
Art: Carl Burgos

Art for Death's Sake!
Art: Rudy Palais

A Safari of Death!
Art: Bob Powell

Night Screams
Art: Iger Studio

Here Today...
Pencils: Sid Check
Inks: Frank Frazetta

Cat's Death
Art: Joe Kubert

The Wall of Flesh!
Art: Bob Powell

Nightmare World
Art: Basil Wolverton

What's Happeníng at... 8:30 P.M.
Art: Howard Nostrand

Valley of Horror
Art: Jack Cole

The Slithering Horror of Skontong Swamp!
Art: George Evans

Evil Intruder
Art: Iger Studio

Notes, by Greg Sadowski

Ruth Roche and the Iger Studio, by John Benson

Cover Section Key

The Pre-Code Horror Comics, by John Benson

Web of Evil #5: Cover by Jack Cole
Eerie #2: Cover by Wallace Wood
Witches Tales #25: Cover by Warren Kremer
Black Cat #51: Cover by Lee Elias
Chamber of Chills Magazine #23: Cover by Al Avison
Ghost Comics #4: Cover by Maurice Whitman
Monster #2: Cover by Maurice Whitman
Adventures into the Unknown #53: Cover by Harry Laazarus
Adventures into the Unknown #6: Cover by Edvard Moritz
Weird Adventures #3: Cover by Ernie Bach and Harry Harrison
Beware! Terror Tales #4: Cover by Bernard Baily
Unknown World #1: Cover by Norman Saunders
Weird Thrillers #1: (Photo Cover)
Black Magic #17: Cover by Jack Kirby
Strange Fantasy #11 : Cover by Iger Studio
Strange Fantasy #2: Cover by Iger Studio
Strange Fantasy #9: Cover by Iger Studio
Voodoo Annual #1: Cover by Iger Studio
Haunted Thrills #13: Cover by Iger Studio
Beware #10: Cover by Frank Frazetta and Sid Check
Chilling Tales #15: Cover by Matt Fox
Amazing Ghost Stories #14: Cover by Matt Baker
Strange Terrors #2: Cover by George Meyerriecks
Strange Terrors #4: Cover by William Ekgren
Weird Horrors #7: Cover by William Ekgren
Weird Mysteries #2: Cover by Bernard Baily
Mister Mystery #6: Cover by Tony Mortellaro
Weird Mysteries #5: Cover by Bernard Baily
Weird Tales of the Future #3: Cover by Basil Wolverton
Blue Bolt Weird Tales of Terror #111: Cover by L. B. Cole
Ghostly Weird Stories #120: Cover by L. B. Cole
Worlds of Fear #10: Cover by Norman Saunders


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