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Don Rosa 6

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Main Details
Series Hall of Fame
Volume 18
Credits Don Rosa (Artist)
Don Rosa (Author)
Don Rosa (Inker)
Don Rosa (Penciler)
Don Rosa (Introduction By)
Thomas Schrøder (Introduction By)
Peter Daibenzeiher (Translator)
Jano Rohleder (Translator)
Etsche Hoffmann-Mahler (Translator)
Wolfgang Berger (Designer)
Jano Rohleder (Editor)
Elvira Brändle (Editor)
Wolf Stegmaier (Editor In Chief)
Frans Stummer (Letterer)
Nadin Kreisel (Project Manager)
Elisabeth Hardenbicker (Manufactured By)
Disney Enterprises, Inc. (Copyright Holder)
Himmer AG (Bound By)
Himmer AG (Printed By)
Date 2011
Publisher Ehapa Comic Collection
Location of Publication Germany
Genre Humor
Format Hardcover
Type Comic Book
Page Count 166
Language German
Characters Dagobert Duck
Donald Duck
Tick, Trick und Track Duck
Fähnlein Fieselschweif
Emil Erpel
Emelrich Erpel
Oberstwaldmeister im Ruhestand Osborne
Oberstwaldmeister im Ruhestand Taliaferro
Dorette Duck
Major Sniff
Rita Rührig
Arpin Lusene
Der Schwarze Ritter
Daisy Duck
Gustav Gans
Daphne Duck
Direktor des Instituts für finnische Literatur in Helsinki
Daniel Düsentrieb
Tuoni, Herr des Dunkeln
Louhi, Hexe von Pohjola
Gundel Gaukeley
Iku-Turso, Sohn des Äijö
Story Location Entenhausen
Identifiers ISBN - 978-3-7704-3359-9
EAN - 9783770433599
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