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Top Comics # 8

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Main Details
Series Top Comics
Issue 08
Credits Aron Eli Coleite (Writer)
Tyler Kirkham (Artist)
Sal Regla (Inker)
Rob Hunter (Inker)
John Starr (Colorist)
Hugh Sterbakov (Writer)
Leonard Kirk (Artist)
Andrew Pepoy (Inker)
Tyson Wengler (Colorist)
Moscow Eye (Letterer)
Alex Nikolavitch (Translator)
Edmond Tourriol (Translator)
Makma (Translator)
Nick Meylaender (Translator)
Top Cow (Original Publisher)
Top Cow Productions, Inc. (Copyright Holder)
Guy Delcourt Productions (Copyright Holder)
Date 2006-07
Publisher Delcourt Comics
Location of Publication France
Genre Superhero
Type Comic Book
Language French
Notes Contains :
V.I.C.E. # 3-4
Freshmen # 3
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