Walt Disney's Donald Duck in Old California


Main Details
Issue 328
Date 1951
Location of Publication New York, NY
Genre Anthropomorphic
Format Softcover
Type Comic Book
Language English
Notes Four Color 328 - (May) 1951 - 36 pages Donald Duck in Old California DONALD DUCK in Old California! - 28 - The ducks, injured in a car wreck in Southern California, are of transported by means of a mysterious dream to the California of 1848. While there, they stay at the home of a wealthy Spanish rancher, take part in the gold rush, and help a young vaquero win the hand of a rancher's daughter. (Nov, 2, 1950)

This story is set in that section of Southern California in which Barks himself lived at the time. However, few of the settings were taken from life. He has said this about the settings for his stories, and "In Old California" in particular: "No settings are taken from life. But the type of houses and terrain are recognizably local. I sometimes used 'memory pictures' of places I've seen as background locale. Notably Puget Sound, and the local deserts." (June 1968 letter to Michael Barrier)
However, he said in the 1974 interview, "I was laying it right around San Jacinto there, where I lived. Now, this rock [the one the ducks' car runs into, on the third page], that was just a couple of miles from where we lived. There's a Soboba Indian reservation out there, and a road came across from San Jacinto, across a river and up here [to the rock], where it turned to go down to the Indian reservation. There were some rocks up there on the side of the hill — they weren't exactly like that [like the one story], they were covered with sagebrush — and the Duck could very easily have made a miscue and run his car into one of those rocks."

The supporting characters are humanoid dogs; Barks said in the 1971 interview that he would have preferred to have drawn them as real humans, but for the warning he had been given when he submitted "Dangerous Disguise" for Donald Duck Four Color No. 308, 1951. (see the note to that story).

Reprinted in Gladstone 1986-series Donald Duck #254


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