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Snatch Comics


Main Details
Volume 1
Issue 2
Date 1968
Location of Publication United States
Genre Alternative
Format Softcover
Type Comic Book
Language English
Notes 3rd printing. No interior color and Rory Hayes drawing on page 15 instead of 23 (more complicated than that but it's the jist)


miximus posted 5 months ago:

The item is Volume 1
Issue 2

I take this to mean Snatch #1,
2nd Printing

And yet the Notes say "3rd printing."

See the contradiction?

Meanwhile, says Volume 1 Issue 3 is the 2nd printing.

This is just a suggestion, but wouldn't Vol #1 1st printing would be "issue" #1
and Vol.1 the 2nd Printing is Issue #2
And Vol 1 the 3rd Printing is Issue #3?

If "issue" isn't the printing then what Is? My reference is Fogel's Underground Price & Grading Guide, in addition to my own collection. I'm trying to list and offer the items I have.

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