The Transformers #241

Back From The Dead 2 / Rage!


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Main Details
Series Transformers and Action Force*
Issue 241
Credits Geoff Senior (Cover Artist)
Hasbro Inc (Copyright Holder)
Milton Bradley International Inc. (Copyright Holder)
Comag (Distributed By)
Simon Furman (Writer)
Jose Delbo (Penciler)
Dave Hunt (Inker)
Jim Massara (Letterer)
Nel Yomtov (Colorist)
Simon Furman (Writer)
Andy Wildman (Artist)
Stuart Bartlett (Letterer)
Lew Stringer (Writer)
Larry Hama (Writer)
Herb Trimpe (Artist)
Phil Felix (Letterer)
Bob Sharen (Colorist)
Marvel Comics Ltd (Copyright Holder)
Date 1989-10-28
Publisher Marvel Comics Ltd
Location of Publication London
Genre Science Fiction
Type Comic Book
Page Count 21
Language English
Characters Thunderwing
Notes Transformers - Back From The Dead (part 2)
Transformers - Rage!
Combat Colin - V.S. The Gunge! 2
Action Force - Evasion


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