Final Crisis


Main Details
Volume 1
Issue 12
Date 1986-03
Location of Publication New York
Genre Superhero
Format Softcover
Type Comic Book
Page Count 48
Language English
  • Adam Strange
  • Aquaman
  • Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)
  • Batman (Bruce Wayne)(Earth 1)
  • Captain Marvel (Billy Batson)
  • Dr. Fate (Kent Nelson)
  • Dove (Dies)
  • Elongated Man
  • Flash (Jay Garrick)
  • Green Arrow (Earth-Two) (Dies)
  • Hawkman (Katar Hol)(Earth 1)
  • Hawkwoman (Shayera Thal)(Earth 1)
  • Huntress (Helena Wayne)(Earth 2) (Dies)
  • Phantom Stranger
  • Power Girl (Kara Zor-L)
  • Robin (Dick Grayson)(Earth 1)
  • Robin (Dick Grayson)(Earth 2)(Dies)
  • Superboy (Kal-El) (Earth Prime)
  • Superman (Kal-El)(Earth 1)
  • Superman (Kal-L)(Earth 2)
  • Wonder Girl (Donna Troy)
  • Wonder Woman (Earth 1)(Apparent Death)
  • Wonder Woman (Earth 2)
  • Kid Flash/The Flash/Wally West (First appearance as the Flash) (Origin)
Story Location Earth (Post-Crisis); Gotham City, Metropolis, Soviet Union; Moscow, New York; Titans Tower, Japan, Earth (Pre-Crisis); Paradise Island
  • UPC — 0709893266103
Notes 12 part maxi series: final issue spectacular!
Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover
The events from this issue or series are related to the Crisis on Infinite Earths, a reality-spanning event which led to the destruction of the original Pre-Crisis Multiverse.
Final appearance of Wally West as Kid Flash. He adopts the identity of the Flash in this issue.
New Earth continuity was still in flux as the Earth-One version of the Fortress of Solitude still exists.


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