The New 52! #16

Be careful what'cha wish for...

Jun, 2015

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Main Details
Series The New 52!
Issue 16
Credits Amanda Conner (Writer)
Jimmy Palmiotti (Writer)
John Timms (Artist)
Chad Hardin (Artist)
Alex Sinclair (Colorist)
Paul Mounts (Colorist)
John J. Hill (Letterer)
Alex Sinclair (Cover Artist)
Dave Wielgosz (Assistant Editor)
Chris Conroy (Editor)
Paul Dini (Author)
Bruce Timm (Author)
Amanda Conner (Cover Artist)
Date Jun, 2015
Publisher DC Comics
Location of Publication 1700 Broadway, NY 10019
Genre Fiction
Format Softcover
Type Comic Book
Page Count 16
Language english


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