The Walking Dead #132: Happiness {Loot Crate Variant Cover}


Main Details
Issue 132
Date 2014
Genre Horror
Format Softcover
Type Comic Book
Page Count 28
Language English
  • UPC — 709853000730
Notes • Last appearance of Doug.
• First appearance of Alpha.
• Robert Kirkman said in the Letter Hacks of Issue 140 that it is Alpha who is carrying the shotgun and takes Dante hostage in this issue.
• Dante is the first to discover that the talking undead are actually people in disguise.
• This is one of four best-selling issues of The Walking Dead with over 300,000 copies sold.[1] The others being #100, #115 and #163.
• This issue is one of the very few with only a few scenes; mostly consisting from Dante and his group fighting the undead.
• This issue, along with #133, are both released within a three-week time-frame, the first ones outside of the "Something To Fear" and "All Out War" story arcs to do so.
• This issue's release date was bumped up a week, from October 8th to October 1st.
• The Letter Hacks mentions Season 5 starting "this week", as if this issue was released October 8th.
• It was mentioned in previous issue Letter Hacks that this issue would be " surprising one that [readers will] be glad the following one isn't so far behind."
• In this issue, it is revealed that zombies have been observed holding tools, something never seen in the Comic Series. Zombies have been observed holding objects, however, as a zombie can be seen holding a Teddy bear in Issue 4.


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