Icons Of Evil - Mer-Man


Main Details
Issue 2
Date 2003-08
Location of Publication USA
Genre Action/Adventure
Format Softcover
Type Comic Book
Language English
  • Mer-Man
Story Location Eternia
Notes Mer-Man retires to his throne room with instructions that he doesn’t want to be disturbed. Moments later, Mer-Man dozes off on the throne!! Mer-Man is quickly awakened by one of his servants who informs the king that emissaries have brought news from the Outer Bank. It seems that there is a pocket civilization in the Outer Bank that is free of Mer-Man’s rule and influence. Angered that this civilization isn’t aware that he rules the oceans and everything in them, Mer-Man orders his troops to attack! When Mer-Man arrives in the Outer Bank, he is greeted by a citizen who honestly doesn’t know who he is. Mer-Man quickly informs him that he is the king of all of the oceans, then proceeds to “teach” him how to bow before his king! Once the Outer Bank citizens announce that they are under attack, their leader Aquarus hows up to confront Mer-Man. Refusing to lay his sword down, Aquarus is attacked by Mer-Man! Aquarus summons his troops and other aquatic creatures to battle Mer-Man’s forces, while he engages in a knock down drag out brawl with Mer-Man! Mer-Man brings the battle to a quick conclusion by summoning a gigantic sea creature, which he uses to flatten the troops and their city! As Mer-Man and his troops swim away, Aquarus informs his fellow survivors, “This battle is far from over.” As soon as Mer-Man returns to his kingdom, the alarm is sounded! The sea is filled with Aquarus’ attacking troops! Mer-Man quickly engages Aquarus, but soon finds himself getting his fins handed to him, as his city crumbles around him! In fact, as a boulder crashes toward a Mer-woman and her Mer-baby, it’s not Mer-Man who comes to the rescue, but Aquarus! Aquarus resumes his battle with Mer-Man, knocking the king to the ground and informing him, “You brought this all on yourself! You came to us! You attacked us!” Aquarus then informs Mer-Man that he has lost his city and the ocean life he once commanded has all taken his side. Mer-Man sits up with an evil grin and replies, “Not all of them.” With that, Mer-Man’s gigantic sea creature swallows Aquarus!! Mer-Man mounts the gigantic sea creature, and orders Aquarus’ troops to surrender. As Aquarus’ troops retreat, Mer-Man’s forces cheer their victorious king. However, the cheers stop when Mer-Man turns to find that their battle with Aquarus’ forces had damaged his city!!


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