A number of coming will get multiple printings in their early/initial run, is it possible to implement something like that here, perhaps modeled off of a discogs style MR?

I think that would be a great addition to Comicogs! I'll be sure to record your feedback for the development team.

I wonder, though -- for Comicogs specifically, would we need our version of a MR to be uniquely different in some way?

I would imagine it would have to be much more specific, it has to be the exact same comic, unlike Discogs which is any reissue of a Release; this wouldn't be reprints, or the most common 1$ First Issues republished a year or more later that is common from Marvel and DC.

Here's a prime example and a frustrating one. Was happy to see something from my collection I wouldn't have to enter, but this listing is for the 13th printing not the 1st
Would again be nice to be able to copy to draft instead of creating a whole new entry.

I am used to listing on Discogs and this would be a case of if I listed for sale, violating the rules:
I want to sell this comic:
but my copy has no ISBN box, so I guess mine is an earlier edition? For now I'm listing for sale, without adding to the database, is OK?

"Would again be nice to be able to copy to draft instead of creating a whole new entry."

That option exists. When you're on a comic's page, click the down-pointing arrow next to the "Edit this page"-button. It opens a small menu with the option "Add one like this", which is pretty much the same as discogs' "Copy to draft".

So if you're adding (or selling) a comic that's a different version of a comic that's already in the database, that should be very useful.

Ok I'll try that thanks

An impression number (for first pressing/impression, third pressing/impression etc.) would be a good add to the identifying codes field. Or is there already a field to add the impression number to and I've just missed it? So far I've added that info to the notes field.

Yes a Discogs styled printing list would be excellent, especially if it allows people to put ALL the printings from multiple publishers as part of one entry. Akira is a good example as the license was transferred to Kodansha from Dark Horse later on and there is a slight difference quality wise between those volumes.

Any word on this feature being added? It's been a year...

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