I came across a series of books by artist Seth and they are entered as "Palooka-Ville" (both in titles and series). The series itself is credited "Palookaville" on the releases.
Can only the original submitter edit / correct / expand the entries?
I added pics to his/her submission, but couldn't find a way to actually edit the entry.

Hi Mr.Slut,
You can edit any submission on the site by clicking 'Edit this comic' at the top-right of any comic page. We recommend adding submission notes to keep track of any changes and notify the original submitter when saving.
Thanks for contributing to the database and keeping an eye on submission quality.

As the person who submitted, I'm ok with the change but is actually with the "-" from issues #1-8

Here's another question regarding the entries of others, wasn't sure where else to put this.

This entry.

I wanted to update some of this information, add some pictures, etc. I do not own a copy of this particular issue. This issue is extremely difficult to acquire, and is typically a four-figure item when it can be found. This is such an important issue in the history of this story series, though, I feel it necessary that its listing here should have complete information.

I guess my question then is, is the Discogs absolute prohibition against entering items not in your possession in force at this site? I'm not claiming that I have a copy, and wish only to contribute to the completeness of an already entered item. I would have no problems with repeating these reasons in the discussion area of the page itself.

If so, perhaps the original submitter could bulk up the page information a bit? I personally thank you for your massive amount of submissions to get things going here, and I've been trying to spice up the pages for the items that I personally own.

Hi jnelson0331,
This is something we've been discussing a bit lately across Filmogs and Bookogs. Personally, I think as long as you can find reliable information (and it sounds like in this example at least that should be accessible) then it should be fine. You could add your sources to your submission notes and add a comment to the History section of the page asking the original submitter to verify.
I'm aware this might be a controversial stance so I'm willing to hear more thoughts on this.

For certain comic books I'm doubting that we (the community) would find people to fill up missing infos, so I'm fine if somebody is willing to do so, and I could live with leaving the source in the notes (like a footnote).

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