We’ve made some improvements to the submission form to make it quicker and easier for you to add your comics, graphic novels and manga to the database. It’s just like the old one… but better.
Here’s what you can expect:
- Clearer format. Drop menus with images ensure that when you’re making a choice of something that already exists in the database, you’re selecting the right one. If you’re typing an identical credit, it will automatically be highlighted and can be tabbed through
- Any possible duplicates are flagged before they’re saved to the database, avoiding double work and overlap.
- Better preview of data from the right column
- Mandatory submission notes! Much requested, and very logical. Now if someone makes a change to something you’ve added to the database, you’ll know exactly what.
- Errors are highlighted in the form so they’re easier to identify and correct
- Drag and drop credits so you no longer have to click the same button 5x to get the bottom credit to the top

If prefer to stick with the old way of doing things, you can find a link to the previous version at the top of the submission form.
Thanks to our early testers whose feedback provided the basis for further tweaks. We hope you enjoy this new version of the form. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Other than using the old form, how do I get past the requirement for an identification number? Many of the old comics that I have predate ids such as ISSN or UPC. I agree that it should be entered if it is available, but not certain it should be considered a requirement to create an entry.

Hi jnelson0331,
The only required field for a submission is title (though obviously we don't recommend creating a submission with only this).
Identifying Code isn't a required field, as long as you don't click 'Add Identifying Code', or remove it if you don't need it, you won't be prompted to add one before saving. The red dot indicates you will need to add a numerical value here if you opt to add an identifying code. If no identifying code is present, simply skip this field.
Apologies for the confusion - I can see how this is misleading. We're talking about how to make this clearer going forward and hope to have it resolved shortly.

I like it, it works good. I've used it a hundred times or so and no problems with it. If you leave out something like the word "editor" it won't let you go any farther so it ensures accuracy. Looking forward to new developments like organizing collections by title?

I've run into a problem when adding Astonishing Tales #18 (Ka-Zar - Gog Cometh). The heading and image loaded just fine, but everything else is missing and labeled "Template Error". Clicking on Edit This Comic shows all the data I entered in proper form. I tried to do an edit to reload the data but result was the same.
I also had some problems with removing Credit Name Variation entries. Just backspacing to remove the entry results in a (*) credit in the finished sub. Users will just have to learn to use the Edit Credit Name Variation tab.
I also found the new form to be quite a bit slower in filling out. I miss the prompts based on my previous entries. However, the new system should work better in preventing creation of duplicate entries.

@arbakol: The problem was the missing role for Stan Goldberg. I added his role as colorist (I presume that was what he did, please correct if not).


But that the submission worked and only threw an error upon viewing is a bug. Sorry about that and thanks for the heads up. We will address asap. The question is should a role for a credit be mandatory or are there many instances where it is hard to discern a role and just adding a name is enough?

Thanks for fixing my submission, kalli. The missing credit role was my error. I can't see any need to allow name credits without assigning some description of a role.

I really like the new submission form, but sorting by issue number should be top priority. I don't know of any comic database that doesn't sort by issue number. And I've never heard anyone ask for a comic by the story title, as that's the way it's sorted now.

I agree on the issue number issue. The title should be a searchable term, for sure, but having them arranged numerically seems more logical, and it might cut down on duplicate submissions. I know I’ve entered a couple of duplicates because the existing had incorrect information, that I could simply correct. When I’m trying to avoid that, I’m looking through many pages of randomly ordered issues. I miss some, and I’m sure others do too.

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