Reopening this from a discussion started at the beginning;

Comic Volumes have two meanings that need to be differentiated.

There is the Series Number "Volume" - as in Wonder Woman Volume 1 (ran from 1942-1986), Wonder Woman Volume 2 (ran from 1987-2006);

And collected Works Volume (which will have 2 Volume Numbers); the series Volume and the Collected Volume Number.

Is there any chance that the Volume field could be expanded to handle Collected Volume # and Comic Volume #?

I'm guessing this is the thread you were referring too?

That distinction makes sense indeed. But I'm not sure what are the best names for the different types of volumes. Maybe we can collectively find some good names here?

And just to be clear, with some linked examples, this is the distinction you are thinking off:

  1. An example of two wonder woman issues from volume one and volume two respectively (this is an instance of a "series volume", for lack of a better term)

  2. An example of a Preacher volume 6 that collects a few issues in a trade paperback (this is an example of a "collection volume", for lack of a better term)

Yes those are examples of what i'm talking about.

Here's a great example mixing both:

This is Aquaman Volume 7, Collected TPB Volume 7.
It's Volume 7 in both the ongoing Aquaman series (Published from 2011-2016 as part of the DC New 52! series) and the collected works Volume 7 (collecting Aquaman Volume 7 #41-#48) titled "Exiled" of that series.

In comic terms "Volume" refers to series number, and should stay that way. We need a new field "Collected Volume" for the collected works from a specific Series Volume.

If we had two fields we could list both Volumes.


Is still Aquaman Volume 7; Collected Volume 6. It's Volume number should be "7" to collect it with all the New 52! series properly. If I pulled up Aquaman Volume 7 it should list both all monthly comics released from Nov 2011 through July 2016 and all 8 of the Collected Volumes release for that series.

Comic Volume X
Comic # Y
Collected Volume Z as part of Volume X, collecting Comic # Ya through Yb

Which leads to Collected Volumes should also have a field of which ongoing monthly comics are collected inside it. Or is that best put in the Notes?

Having a field would be useful if it linked to series. I've just added a collected edition of Days of Future Past and I was wondering how to sensibly add it to the series.

In case anyone's wondering, I'm starting with the easy to access collected editions from my bookshelf, not the much more difficult and far more numerous comics in boxes under the bed!

Any movement here? The Devs have anything to say? This going to sit ignored and dormant for another year while the database fills up making it harder and harder to discern these things?

We're working on this now, expect to see a new field in the submission form very soon :)


We just released changes where this is field is added. Let us know if you have more feedback on this issue.

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