I want to start a topic for a few special works of drawn art that might enter the database, or might not.

I'm starting with the legendary first volume of the GDR "comic" Mosaik - the Digedags (starting 1955).
The earlier issues have a type of speech bubble, but that style was abolished for a text under picture artwork in the later (and the majority) of books of that series. I don't have these earlier copies and I'm doubting of they might be entered ever, I have the later issues that I could submit.

I put samples of pages on my webpage:


May I put them in the database?

I wonder why you wouldn't put them into the db, to be honest ... It's all there to help inform, i would have thought.

Well, it's more a "philosophical" issue, and I'm not sure if to bring it up into discussion.

The media itself wasn't regarded as "comic (book)" in GDR times as that genre was an American thing and had to be avoided, simply to be allowed to exist by the government (or whatever state institut was the censor back there and then).
It was filed as "Bildergeschichten" and that went under childrens book.

"GDR comics" was a name that came up after the system crushed down.
There were not many "standalone" comics, most existing "series" were part of monthly youth magazines as Atze, Frösi...and so might never be entered into the database. Therefor, a special little sub-scene will be missing.
Whereas it's relativly clear (at least for me) in case of the Digedags that I would enter these series, there are quite some series left that might not fit as comics.
I'm afraid that the problem with these magazine or "picture newspapers" here is: the "old" generation, the few who might have some copies in their basements won't feel invited to enter.

If time comes I would post them here to ask if I should submit them.

Thanks for the explanation. I would have thought that they fit the current definition of comic.

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