There's a German comic that gives me headaches (for so many reasons) and might be a good example of how to expand or limited submissions, or least a topic to have a thought about.

It's German Fix und Foxi (creator Rolf Kauka).

First, I want to bring up the more general discussion if a character (only the name or the group: Garfield, Peanuts, Heathcliffe) will be a series once (or at all). I like the idea that all books/releases might be sorted under a/that major subject. And any variation or special named series (...&friends, classics) could be arranged as sub-categories.

Coming to Fix Und Foxi (not sure if any non-German comic reader owns books and furthermore would care to join this topic)
I created a few entries to have a body to start to build on.
Fix Und Foxi was a weekly comic book, that had a linear numbering in the beginning (?20 years?), and later the typical 01-1990, 02-1990 numbering. The form of how to submit those books (and arrange title/series/volume/issue) is in discussion I hope.
Fix Und Foxi had several reprint series Comic-KnĂ¼ller, Comic-Parade, Star-Parade, which, according to German Comicguide had 20 volumes (or more) each. These series were expanded, reprinted, discontinued...(and in other aspects like production, content just made for "read-once-than-to-recycle-bin"
...I don't know where these vol. numbers come from. I added/copied them to my entries, but I dare to doubt them.
I even have one-two books that Comicguide doesn't contain (so far)...and wonder if these are 21, 22, or 36 (...or the like)

Coming to my question: at the moment I have created four new series (could imagine that there won't be any new book added for the next decades), and I ask myself if the series should just be "Fix Und Foxi" (which would be a semi-fictional creation by the community).

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