Dark Reflections

Story:He-Man arrives as Man-at-arms and the other Masters, find Skeletor and his minions at a ruined temple in the light hemisphere. though coming late in the battle and not being able to help some of the fallen soldiers who died he and the others manage to cause Skeletors retreat. though briefly having a giant statue dropped on them it was easily removed by He-mans strength. They follow Skeletor to Castle Grayskull where they find out he planned to use a dimensional gate in order to pass into the castle from the outside. This plan was foiled at the cost of Man-at-arms life being trapped on the other side. Duncan returned but was not the same as he was having hallucinations and spouting out random and confusing things. much about King He-man and the rebels. Meanwhile He-man was sent off to Avion home of stratos due to strange anomalies have been appearing. having sent off a group of avians to investigate while He-man and the others went in another direction he found himself having to fight flying Man-bats in the place of his avian friends. at the end of the battle it turns out the anomalies cause changes to the people and places. He-man went to Castle Grayskull, From the Sorceress he found out the rifts between dimensions would keep appearing if the source was not returned, which clued him into Man-at-arms not being the one from their universe.While on the trail back to Eternos Castle they learn Man-at-arms escaped custody and could be heading back to the Castle, they returned to find Duncan fighting his daughter Teela and was being helped by Skeletor. While He-man and Man-e-faces took out the Skeleton minions Teela and the guards held Skeletor at bay for a moment, He-man was surprised Duncan opened the Jaw bridge to the castle using a replica of his sword. The series ends with he-man stoping duncan in the throne room of Castle Grayskull and sending him back to his dimension and returning his Man-at-arms in his place. He also got his first glimpse of a future enemy that he might have to contend with Hordak briefly had access to the dimensional gateway and was attempting to return to Eternia but was destroy when He-man cut the gate into pieces.


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