The Shard Of Darkness

Feature Story: He-man tries to save an area of Eternos from a raging inferno when Orko used his magic to put out the fires, the power in which Orko was using was way beyond his normal talents. it came to attention of the crystal he was carrying, when taken to the sorceress, she explained it was a shard of the Shakkaran Crystal. She sends He-man alone on the quest to find the rest and destroy the crystal before it falls into the wrong hands.He-man began to get corrupted by the crystals power as does anyone else who uses it. He-man begins to go into a barbaric and obsessive rage that almost killed Trapjaw and Triklops, he was later captured by Skeletor. Skeletor made He-man watch as his friends tried to save him, He-man still under influence of the crystal tries to tap into the full crystals power and fights the demon that was trapped inside. In his Prince Adam form, he manages to defeat the demon who wished to use He-man's body as a form to take over the world. it ended with the crystal destroyed and questions being laid upon the Sorceress on how much she really know about the crystal itself.


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